Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hayom tisha yamim, shehaym shavua echad ushnay yamim baomer

You can give up meat without giving up the taste of meat! There are myriad different "mock meat" products on the market. Some aren't terrific, but some are out of this world. I highly recommend Gardenburger's Flame-Grilled Burgers, Veggie Breakfast Sausage, Riblets, and Herb-Crusted Cutlets; Nate's Chicken-Style Meatless Nuggets; Worthington Chickette; Tofurky sausages; Boca Chik'n Patties; Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Steak Strips; and Gimme Lean's Sausage and Ground Beef flavors. Check out May Wah, Pangea, and your local health-food store or Asian food mart for an even wider selection. These mock meats are generally made from soy or wheat gluten. They're processed, but they're healthier than meat and they're perfect for barbecues, transitioning to a vegetarian diet, and so much more!


KleoPatra said...

This is the best counting of the Omer i've ever seen/heard of/wanted to be a part of. Thank YOU!

Bev said...

I've been reading this everyday as I have been contemplating a change to a meatless lifestyle. The only thing I would consider is maybe you shouldn't advocate meat substitutes meant to substitute something that would normally be considered traif. Although I know there are many thoughts on the subject, however many would agree that "kosher for passover cake" and "kosher for passover you-name-it" bread substitutes are really out of the spirit of passover. Therefore, it seems to me that in both being Jewish and choosing to be a vegetarian means making a statement on the spirit of your commitment.

I understand not everybody keeps kosher, but fake sausage really doesn't seem to be in the spirit of either keeping kosher or being vegetarian. Good job with the rest of the blog though and I look forward to the rest of the count.

KleoPatra said...

That's an interesting remark, above... what do you think of that?! i'd love to read your thoughts about that (writing this as i eat my kosher vegan soy 'ham' - and having never had the "real thing" in my life!)... please post on this... discussion would be very cool to see...

heebnvegan said...


Thanks for reading, reflecting on these issues, and commenting. If you have more questions, keep 'em coming.

I want to start out by saying that I respect what you said and can see what you're coming from. I reach a different conclusion, but I don't expect you to reach the same one.

Couldn't it be said that kosher all-beef franks go against what hotdogs typically are in spirit? I don't think it logically follows that kosher hotdogs should be avoided because of that (although, as you know from reading this blog, I'd contend that for other reasons). Tofutti is a Jewish-run company that make some great dairy-free products; the company's original purpose was to be able to offer "ice cream" and the like along with a meat meal, and to the best of my knowledge, that's been uncontroversial.

Personally speaking, I don't oppose the taste of meat; I like it. I don't oppose the idea of sausages; they're tasty. What I have a problem with is the way animals are treated before they get turned into sausages, burgers, etc. And of course there are myriad other reasons you shouldn't eat meat, hence the nature of this blog. So I don't have a problem with meat-like products so long as they don't involve cruelty to animals.

On a final note, this article may interest you:

heebnvegan said...

In the interest of presenting alternative viewpoints in this discussion: