Friday, April 13, 2007

Hayom achad asar yom, shehaym shavua echad v'arbaa yamim baomer

Unlike natural carnivores, humans physiologically aren't built to handle meat too well. I recognize that omnivores are capable of eating both animal-based and plant-based food, but consider the facts and check out this essay by syndicated cartoonist Dan Piraro. Unlike humans, carnivores have long, pointy teeth that tear through flesh. Unlike humans' jaws, carnivores' jaws move up and down but not side to side because they swallow meat in whole pieces and don't chew on vegetation. Unlike humans, carnivores have relatively short intestines so that meat doesn't sit around in their bodies and rot, which causes numerous health problems. Unlike humans, carnivores have stomach acids that kill bacteria, so they can eat raw meat without getting sick. Piraro says, "Here's a test you can try at home: put a two-year-old in a playpen with an apple and a rabbit. If it plays with the apple and eats the rabbit, you've got a carnivore."

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