Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hayom sh'losha asar yom, shehaym shavua echad v'shisha yamim baomer

Many people eat meat and thereby support cruelty to animals, even though they wouldn't be able to perform those cruel practices themselves or even watch them. It's no more morally acceptable to pay other people to commit these cruel acts for you than to do them yourself. In the words of PETA vice president Bruce Friedrich:
Please ask yourself: “Would you want to work on a factory farm, searing the beaks off of chickens or castrating pigs and cows without painkillers, and so on?” “Would you want to work on a factory fishing trawler?” “Are [there] other areas of your life where you participate in practices that would repulse you if you had to watch them happening?” You know, most of us could watch grains being tilled or even spend an afternoon shucking corn or picking beans, fruits, or vegetables. Seriously, how many of us would want to spend an afternoon slitting open animals’ throats?

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