Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hayom echad u'sheloshim yom, shehaym arbaa shavuot u'shelosha yamim baomer

Lots of people go vegetarian in their teenage years, so it's a good idea to point out that going vegetarian is a great way to impress a girl (or a boy)! Says Nip/Tuck actor Peter Dinklage, "What made me go vegetarian was a girl. I was 16, and a lot of things when you're 16 are because of girls. But then it just stuck with me, and I started to really become serious about it." And one female candidate in PETA's "Sexiest Vegetarian" contest notes, "It’s far sexier to see a guy cuddling or playing with an animal than to see him biting into one." Guys, the majority of vegetarians are women, and they're sure to be impressed by a guy who's both passionate and compassionate.


Anonymous said...
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heebnvegan said...

Someone left me an anonymous comment that I deleted. To answer one of the two questions, I've counted 31 days of the omer. 18 (chai) to go!